What is the Family Self-Sufficiency program?

This is a program funded by Housing and Urban Development (HUD to assist those receiving Housing Choice Voucher or public housing rental assistance who want to become more financially stable and less dependent upon welfare. Participants sign a separate 5-year contract in which they set goals for themselves. They receive free support services, coaching and mentoring from the Program Coordinator and referrals to community partners in order to meet goals and overcome challenges. As participants increase their wages, funds are set aside in an account under their name. When a participant meets all goals set for himself/herself, he/she receives a check for the total account balance.


Single parents, disabled heads of household, grandparents raising grandchildren, families relocated from natural disasters, veterans, and others overcoming hardships have met their goals to graduate and earn hundreds…even thousands of dollars from this program.  You can, too! Are you ready to see what you can really do?

How can this program help?

Every participant sets his or her own goals unique to where he or she is at in life and dreams for the future.  Success looks different for everyone.  Some common areas of interest in which the Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator and local community organizations can assist are:

College Admission / Application
Budgeting Skills
Credit Repair
Homeownership (Downpayment Assistance, First-Time Homebuyer Classes & more)
Nutrition & Shopping Tips
Applying for Scholarships
Job Interview & Resume Skills
Job Retention/Promotion Help
Starting and/or Running Your Own Business
Child Care Assistance
Family Counseling
Stress Management
Parenting Support/Training
Legal Support

Services are not limited to those on this list.  If there is an area of particular interest to you and you do not see it on this list, just ask!  Also remember that participants on this program do not have to accomplish these things on their own.  The Program Coordinator is here for support and encouragement every step of the way.

Do I have to go off housing?

No. This program is simply designed to help you become more self-sufficient than you are now. Some no longer need their vouchers and others stay on the program.

If it’s risk-free, why isn’t everyone on the program?

Some misunderstand it. Others are afraid. Still more are physically or mentally unable to become more self-sufficient. All that matters is what is stopping you?

Someone just like you sat reading this once and doubting (s)he could do it…but was willing to try it. Within a few years, (s)he had gone back to school, raised their credit score, gotten a better job, opened a business, and/or bought a house.

What are your dreams for your future?

Will you try to achieve them?

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